Review Of Summer Solstice By Space Jam

I have been an avid vaporizer user for a couple of years now, and have pretty much always consumed tobacco flavored eJuice every since I started. However, I was recently talking to a friend about vaporizers, and he mentioned how much he likes to use different kinds of eJuices. I decided that I was going to try out a new flavor, and started to look at the massive number of possible flavors. I considering trying out eJuices that tried like tropical fruits and spices, but ended up finding a very good eJuice called Summer Solstice. I was attracted to this eJuice because it seemed to be a good eJuice for relaxing, and I was interested in trying out a sweet eJuice.

When I first tried this eJuice, I immediately decided that I liked it. This eJuice is able to offer a combination of cherry and lime. These two flavors blend together in order to make a taste that is very much like citrus drinks, and it reminded me of a glass of cherry lemonade. I really liked that the taste seemed to make my mouth water, and there were hints of sour that made me a little bit thirsty.

I found that this eJuice was the perfect thing for relaxing on my back patio during a hot summer afternoon. I found that it went very well with cocktails, lemonade, and light colored beers. It offers a very clean taste, which helped to cleanse my pallet between drinks.

As I consumed this eJuice over the next couple of weeks, I found it to be the perfect eJuice to consume consistently. I was able to purchase a bottle of this eJuice for a very good price, and that I was able to fill my vaporizer dozens of times from a single bottle. This eJuice seemed to keep my vaporizer clean, and that it did not make my vaporizer taste funny when I filled it with my old tobacco flavor eJuice. I liked that I was able to purchase a bottle of eJuice that contained the amount of nicotine that I like. The site I purchase it from was able to offer a number of different levels of nicotine, which meant that I did not have to adjust to this new eJuice. I purchase the bottle that 12 mg of nicotine in it, which seemed to give me a very good buzz without causing me to get sick from it.

I have now incorporated this cheery lime flavored eJuice into my rotation, and I will generally consume it two or three times a month. I really like to enjoy it during the day time, but I have also enjoyed it at parties. Get your own Space Jam Seasonal e-liquid at the provided link, thanks to eJuice Farm’n online vape superstore.